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Just gave bubba birdy a bath. 🐤#baby #finch #bird #pet
My ugly baby finches have finally opened their beady eyes! Cant wait until your colours bloom and you can fly! #baby #birds #pet #finch
2013- Jan 30th - Productive Day

CLEANING: My day consisted of a HUGE spring clean in my bedroom and bathroom! It always feels so good after everything looks sparkly and organised.

SHOPPING: So to treat myself after a spectacular clean, I shopped for the first time on! Had some brilliant sales on there and I can’t wait to top up my wardrobe!
So much clothes shopping done this week, and it feels better that a lot of it was from Xmas vouchers! AWW YEA FASHION!

HAIR: I’ve also dyed my hair a deep chocolate brown so that looks all healthy now. I was thinking of getting a fringe cut but decided against it, as I love swishing all my hair back into a high bun.

PET DRAMA: I’m quite upset about this. I was trying to clean out the bird cage for my two Zebra Finches. They had 4 eggs in their nest, but the female jolts too quick out of the nest and knocked three of them out onto the floor! They cracked open, blood leaking out, it was emotional.. But at least they are still looking after that one egg.. It looks like a Mini Egg. Seriously.

Night x


A picture of a domesticated Silver Fox. This is all I want to own in my life.
What a BEAUTY! #cat #cute #kitty #pet  🐱
What’s so funny daisy? Hehe 🐶 #dogs #pet #spaniel #me
I dare you to look at my kitty without saying NAWWW! #cute #cat #eyes #pet
Even my cat Minnie loves Tumblr! 
She’s currently sitting next to me, in the Ornament position, just sitting there looking pretty.
There’s nothing more relaxing than chilling with your pet. (Apart from laying on a beach, chilling in a spa, meditation, spring cleaning, watching Films etc) They just stare at you, straight through your sole, telling you ‘It’s not that bad.’
Now shes crawling all over me longing for attention. 
My Maisie with yet another cute pose! #spaniel #dog #cute #pet (Taken with Instagram)
Say hello to our little friend called Chips! Given it a lovely new home by winning it at the fair in my hometown! Hope it survives…I just end up watching it for ages, so calming!
Believe it or not guys, but this bowl was an ideal one for a goldfish and i bought it in a massive live fish store where I also get my tropical fish from, whom are all still alive and safe! (But they are in a massive horizontal fish tank with high filteration.) This tank does have a nice filter in which brings movement and current on the surface. There is also a live plant there as well as the blue artificial one.
This bowl may look too small but there’s actually 20 gallons of water in there! And the fish is enlarged because it actually looks really small in the bowl when I look at it from bird’s eye view! 
I assure you it’s in a much better place than it was at the fair! I just wanted to give it a better home :)
Fly Ozzy flyyy! 
My gorgeous Parrot
(breed - Caique) 
You going to eat that bone? (Taken with instagram)
My Maisie looking comfy!!