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Say hello to Magikarp and Goldeen! #goldfish
Say hello to our little friend called Chips! Given it a lovely new home by winning it at the fair in my hometown! Hope it survives…I just end up watching it for ages, so calming!
Believe it or not guys, but this bowl was an ideal one for a goldfish and i bought it in a massive live fish store where I also get my tropical fish from, whom are all still alive and safe! (But they are in a massive horizontal fish tank with high filteration.) This tank does have a nice filter in which brings movement and current on the surface. There is also a live plant there as well as the blue artificial one.
This bowl may look too small but there’s actually 20 gallons of water in there! And the fish is enlarged because it actually looks really small in the bowl when I look at it from bird’s eye view! 
I assure you it’s in a much better place than it was at the fair! I just wanted to give it a better home :)