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2013 - Jan 24th

Has had a good couple of days :)

Got stuff done, spent time with the besties and family, nice hot tub sessions, and now for Les Miserables tomorrow! It’s the little things :)

I’ve been a pikey and taken a few clothing items that Beth was going to get rid of today, and then took the rest to the Salvation Army! We have done our bit! So I have a pile of hand-me-downs, or rather, hand-me-overs! Now listening to Lady Gaga full blast on my parent’s awesome iMac, (they have come to the Apple side)

Mum’s just arrived home (impressed with my food) and she’s asked me what I want for my birthday - (which is in May by the way!)

So I said hmm, money towards either my large back tattoo, a Pole, or a decent keyboard so I can get back into playing again! I miss my hobbies so much and I want to get better at the things I love! 

Now, give me food, my onesie, my bath and my Fifty Shades Freed book. 


Jealousy at it’s best. Why HP Sauce though?
Oh dear I’m hooked.

Going to finish off Fifty Shades of Grey tonight.

So glad this book had a trilogy! 

I wonder what all us girls will do once we’ve finished the trilogy?

Sitting in Starbucks with a Mocha light Frappucino, (with cream, what a hypocrite) reading and relaxing before work :)
Just got this through the post! NOW I know what I’m doing today! (Taken with Instagram)