Twenty three's a plenty
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Anyone recommend any good books? Or books they are currently reading?

I enjoy chick lits, along with fantasy like the Hunger Games.

Basically I’ve finished mocking jay and don’t know what to do with myself.
I also loved the 50 shades trilogy back in the day and now I can’t decide which genre to go for….


Ok I want to play Pokemon X now but my 3DS hasn’t arrived yet, and I want to read Mocking Jay as I’ve repeatedly watched Catching Fire and can’t be bothered to read the first two books as I’m too impatient. 

So I’m about to start reading this.

I hope it’s worth it!

Every. Time. 
I have Wreck This Journal. I’m half way there. After I completely destroy it, I will buy of the others.
Oh dear I’m hooked.

Going to finish off Fifty Shades of Grey tonight.

So glad this book had a trilogy! 

I wonder what all us girls will do once we’ve finished the trilogy?

Chill out man…

With a little help from a couple of Deperados after work to ease myself, it’s time to: -

  • Cook a massive healthy pasta meal (with courgettes, bacon, mushroom, tinned tomatoes, cheese) and save loads for dinner each time I’m at work
  • Relax and actually have an evening to myself because I’m always used to starting from 6pm-1am but today I started 8am-3pm.Was quite strange really. 
  • Carry on reading my 50 Shades of Grey book
  • Listen to the radio and enjoy some good tunes and sing out loud because nobody’s in the house!
  • Talk to Ross on Skype and play online checkers so I can thrash him again as I’ve gained SKILLS!
  • Apply online for a trainee assistant for Channel 4, by doing an online YOUTUBE application of myself, how cool is that. 
  • Just try to pamper and not worry too much about life. 
Just got this through the post! NOW I know what I’m doing today! (Taken with Instagram)